Meet Tagg GPS Plus

All New. Simple, mobile, and GPS connected
Nationwide GPS Pet Tracking
Ambient Temperature Sensor
20% Longer Battery Life

Hot or Cold

No matter the temperature
you'll know they are safe.

Your Eye in the Sky

24/7 pet monitoring and instant notifications.
You have the power to track and keep your pet safe.
4:07 pm PT
4:07 pm PT

Exercise Matters

Play an active role in your pet’s health. Set goals and track their exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

Tagg Pet GPS Saves Lives Every Day

Amazing stories of pets saved by a Tagg pet tracker

We have had some close calls, but nothing like last week.  ...After a lot of tears of worry, they became tears of joy from everyone involved. I cannot begin to thank TAGG for such a wonderful product. 

Jeff S. Orlando, FL

...the Tagg alert we received bought us the minutes that meant the difference between life and death for our puppy! Thank You Tagg – your product is worth every penny!

Robert & Claire Gladwin, MI

...we had our first test two nights ago when she ran off the first time with the tracker on her collar and activated. I immediately started receiving alerts (text and email).

A pet is lost every 2 seconds. Don't let your pet be one of them.

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