If your pet is lost, a microchip won't alert you or show you where she is. With Tagg GPS tracking, receive alerts and find your pet on a map NOW.

Lost -> Track -> Find.
Every 2 seconds a pet is lost.* Protect your pet with Tagg.

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"There is always a sense of panic when your fur baby runs off, but I knew his GPS had him covered and it turned a somewhat stressful situation into a downright comical experience."
- Mary B., Tagg user
"We live in a heavily wooded area with a river nearby, a Lab playground. After they made a jailbreak and were gone for six days, my daughter looked for a GPS tracker to prevent this from happening again...The mobile app combined with my phone's GPS was an awesome combo. Thanks for a great device."
- Larry J., Tagg user
"About half of the pet population of the US is overweight and I would recommend any tool that will help promote an active lifestyle. Tagg—The Pet Tracker is a great device that allows pet owners to stay connected to their pet by monitoring its daily level of activity and also locating the pet should it become lost."
- Dr. Steven E. Hornstein, DVM
"...I immediately knew microchipping and having a collar wasn't enough (sadly). I found Tagg, ordered it, followed all its directions for setup and it's the best thing ever! works and calms the nerves when you have a high active/curious dog and never need to worry if they ever run off cause you can just whip out your cell and find them instantly."
- Cynthia G., Tagg user
"I absolutely love this product. I once took my dog to a friends house without taking off the tracker, just to test it, and within 3 minutes I got a text telling me exactly where she was, I was so impressed. It also comes with an amazing app for your phone or in my case iPad that not only let's you track your pet but gives you directions to nearby vets, pet stores, dog parks, and even pet friendly hotels."
- Emily H., Tagg user
"We love the activity tracker and points system. It's really amazing to track his (and our) activity over the day and over time! He loves swimming and being wet and dirty...and Tagg keeps up!"
- April and Jonathan K., Tagg users