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Tagg the GPS Pet Tracker is a product of Snaptracs, Inc, headquartered in San Diego, CA. Our mission is to provide pet owners with the technology to ensure safety, measure activity and express love for their pets. The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker was born out of our love of dogs. It uses advanced GPS, an accelerometer, and wireless technology to help people locate and track the activities of their pets.

Scott Neuberger


Scott is a successful serial entrepreneur who has founded and run several companies, using technology to gain competitive advantage (e.g. University Trucking, Campus Evolutions and College boxes). He also has a background in restructuring and repositioning money-losing operations to be cash flow positive, which has helped to keep Tagg running successfully as a well-oiled machine. Since taking over the company in the summer of 2013, he has strived to continuously improve product performance, enhance customer service, and bring to the forefront key issues facing pets and pet ownership in today's hectic world. 


Pets: Shilo and Pheobe, two rescues that he and his family adore.


Hometown: Houston, Texas


Interests: Spending time hiking outdoors and playing golf with his two young sons.


Jeff Zotara

Vice President of Marketing

Jeff combines his love of pets and his passion for technology to lead a talented and dedicated team of professionals.  This team creates innovative ways of spreading the Tagg message of keeping our pets safe and healthy and ensuring Tagg customers are satisfied and engaged.  Jeff’s core responsibilities include creating strategic direction and partnerships, managing compelling PR initiatives, launching effective advertising campaigns and social and digital integration of the Tagg brand.  Jeff spent the previous 17 years creating and launching campaigns for clients such as Sony, Whirlpool, Toyota, Albertson’s, The Home Depot and other Fortune 500 companies.


Pets: A cat appropriately named Mr. Kitty, and Zoe, a Lhasa Apso with 16 years of proven loyalty. 


Hometown: Buffalo, NY


Interests: Family time, photography, staying fit, and exploring new technology.



Tom Doyle

President and COO

Tom has over 20 years of experience in developing, launching, and operating M2M mobile products and services for Qualcomm – the world leader in mobile technology and the developer of Tagg the GPS Pet Tracker. He has extensive experience in negotiating and managing wholesale data relationships with wireless operators. Tom leads the technical team forward in developing new features and making sure that Tagg is the best that it can be.


Pets: Grommet, our unofficial office mascot, is a black and white dabble dachshund who helps out by patrolling the office making sure everyone is on task. 


Hometown: Paw Paw, Michigan


Interests: Dirt biking and practicing martial arts. 



Max has extensive experience in the pet consumer products industry as a loyal customer and tester of various products. His intuitive expertise in what dogs want is invaluable. He wears his Tagg religiously and helps the team with feedback on the product and its features.


Pets: Jim and Karen, two humans. They are very obedient and take Max and his pal Rollo on lots of walks, give them copious treats, and understand the importance of Max's war with the garbage man. 


Hometown: La Jolla, CA


Interests: Lounging around with pal Rollo and protecting the office from the UPS delivery man.

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