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MacLife: Tagg the Pet Tracker Review

MacLife’s Associate Editor Florence Ion tested Tagg—The Pet Tracker, a dog GPS tracking system, on her German Shepherd Roxy, who is fond of sneaking out and going for long walks around her neighborhood. In summary, Ion remarks, “Tagg—The Pet Tracker is well worth the peace of mind.” Ion notes the Tagg system’s setup, easy usability, geolocation technology, “handy iPhone app,” and notification system. “You can decide whether you want push notifications, emails, or text messages, and the service will even alert you when the device needs charging,” Ion writes. She tested the Tagg tracker by leaving Roxy with a friend ten miles away, and received alerts that Roxy was outside her zone. “In the event that [Roxy] was actually lost, the Tagg app can fetch driving directions to that location and I could swoop by and pick her up,” Ion writes. “I can also check up on her while I’m at work to make sure her dog walker is taking her out to the park like she says.”