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Get Tagg to track and monitor your pet 24/7.
Tagg isn't only for dogs—it keeps cats safe and healthy too! Reviews Tagg-The Pet Tracker

In a five-star review, writer Michael Gray presents Tagg—The Pet Tracker as a great way for readers to combat the fear of losing their furry friend. Gray writes about his own three-week trial in which he tested a Tagg unit on his active, “rough-and-tumble” Labrador Retriever mix, boasting that despite the dog’s playful ways, his Tagg unit never detached from the dog’s collar. In addition to assuring his readers of the Tagg system’s easy online notification setup, he also mentions the sleek charging station and useful trip mode feature, stating in terms of technology and effectiveness, Tagg—The Pet Tracker is “absolutely worth the money.”

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