March Is National Protect Your Pet Month

Awareness of pet safety and health concerns is incredibly low in the U.S., which is disheartening since many serious, and even fatal pet accidents are preventable.  This month, during National Protect Your Pet Month, Tagg is on a dual mission to 1.)  raise awareness and educate pet owners on common safety and wellness tips, and 2.) to support nonprofit organizations nationwide that share our mission to keep pets safe and healthy.

What is National Protect Your Pet Month?
During the month of March, better known around Tagg headquarters as Protect Your Pet Month, Tagg will donate 20% (roughly $36) of every sale of the Tagg Promo Bundle to an animal shelter within 20 miles of the customer’s ZIP code. These donations can make a huge impact in alleviating costs for animal shelters throughout the United States.
Tagg Protect Your Pet Infographic
During the month of March we also will be revving up our efforts to educate the public about the most common threats to pet safety and well-being that seem to have snuck under the average pet owner’s radar.
Why We Give
Our focus this month and everyday is to keep your pet safe and healthy, but there are a startling number of pets that belong to no one. These are the 6 to 10 million pets that end up in shelters each year.

There’s a perception that shelters are like doggy/kitty jails, but the truth is, those animals did not end up there because they did anything wrong. They are there because they were lost, their humans could not longer care for them, or they were simply unprepared for. Shelter pets, are pets like yours, they just haven’t found their human yet.
The Tagg staff works here because pets are our passion. We are ecstatic when we can do something big like National Protect Your Pet Month to help those pets that haven’t found homes, and support those humans that share our mission. We encourage pet owners to use the Tagg GPS Tracker so that their pet will never end up in one of these shelters in the first place.
Upping the Ante
Our March donation effort is an extension of our ongoing Tagg It Forward Donation Program. Through the Tagg It Forward program, Tagg distributes coupons good for 10% off Tagg Trackers to animal rescue groups we admire. Anytime a coupon code is used, Tagg donates $25 to that rescue.

Through the program we are able to make Tagg Trackers more accessible to pets that are high risk for running away while supporting the organizations that share our mission.

During the month of March, Tagg is upping the ante and will donate $36 to local shelters vs. our normal $25 for each purchase made. We are so excited to be able to increase our impact in supporting local shelters and hope that you will help spread the word.

Where The Money Goes
Tagg is currently partnered with just under fifty rescue groups through the Tagg It Forward donation program.

Our rescue partners range from large shelters that find homes for thousands of pets each year like the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, to small but passionate breed-specific rescue groups like the Shiba Scout Rescue. Since we launched the Tagg It Forward program in October 2013, our goal has been to partner with organizations that are devoted to finding pets loving homes and keeping them there.

If you have even a vague idea of the size of this nation, you've probably figured out that our 50 shelters cannot possibly be within 20 miles of every customer. So, if you are involved with a shelter in your area that could use some extra cash, please reach out and tell us about them. We will consider them for Protect Your Pet Month’s donation program.

So tell your friends and tell your local shelters. 36 bucks can go a long way in keeping a pet safe – so can a new Tagg Tracker.

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