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The Power of GPS Protects Your Pet

Know if your dog gets out of your home and find them quickly.

Tagg is a GPS device that attaches to your dog's collar. Tagg allows you to define a safe zone around your home and instantly receive text and email alerts when your pet leaves that zone. Use the power of GPS to know if they get out and quickly find them to bring them back safely. Tagg also monitors their activity and fitness by measuring the amount of activity in their day. Tagg attaches to your existing collar and converts it into a GPS dog collar!

Instant Pet Alerts on Your Phone

Get a text message when your dog runs away!

Receive text, email, or push notifications straight to your mobile device when your pet has breaches the safety of their Home Tagg Zone. You will also receive a notification when it’s time to recharge your Tracker’s battery and a reminder to reattach it to your dog collar when charging is complete.

Pet GPS Tracking Alert
Dog GPS Tracking Map Outside Home Zone

Live GPS Tracking Map

Tagg uses advanced GPS and cellular technology to track your pet.

Use your mobile device or computer to see where your dog or pet is on a map, and to receive constant location updates when they're on the run. Tagg even provides driving directions to their location so you can track them down quickly and easily.

Monitor Your Pet's Activity and Health

Make sure your pet is getting enough daily exercise.

The Activity Tracking feature lets you track your pet's activity levels when you're apart. Tagg will track if your pet is getting the veterinarian-recommended 30-60 minutes of activity every day. Collect this data and use it to spot long-term changes in your pet's behavior.

Pet Activity Tracking Snapshots

See Tagg In Action

You Love Them, So Tagg Them with the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Setup and Activation

Tagg Notifications

How it Works

Collar Attachment

The Tagg Tracker. Only $99.

Get started with GPS location and activity tracking for your pet.

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