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Size, Weight & Water Resistance

The lightweight Tagg™ tracker weighs 1.16 oz. Measuring 3.18" long, 1.49" wide , and .77" tall, it comfortably attaches to any sized dog collar. It is also water resistant, so it can be worn everywhere even for a light swim.


The Tagg tracker comes with a long lasting Li-Ion battery. The Tracker communicates with the docking station using shortwave radio and will stay in power-saving mode when the two can "hear" each other. This allows the Tagg Tracker to optimize battery life when the pet is at home and near the docking station.

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Pet Size

Tagg - The Pet Tracker system is optimized for dogs and pets that weigh 10lbs or more and fits easily on most existing collars. You can also use it on smaller pets but these applications may best be served by using a harness where you can put the tracker on the back of the animal between its shoulder blades.


To keep track of your pet's location, an Internet connection on a PC, Mac or Smartphone is required (supported browser compatibility includes: Windows IE7 and 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.x and Macintosh Firefox 3.x , and Safari 5).

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A subscription to the Tagg service is also required. Each Tagg tracker must be paired to a docking station in order for system to function. Multiple Tagg trackers can be used with one docking station.

Coverage Map

To view the Tagg system coverage in your area, please visit the Tagg Coverage Map. (view map)

Actual battery life varies upon usage patterns. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Appearance of product may vary. For further information, please see our legal page or Tagg User Guide