Ever Wonder Where Your Cat Goes?

Now you can see using your phone or computer!

Your cat is independent. He eats when he wants, sleeps when he wants, and leaves when he wants. But where does he run off to? The lightweight GPS cat tracking device attaches to most collars and let’s you track your cat at any time of day using a computer or mobile device. The simple set-up procedure allows you to create your very own Tagg zone, the area your cat spends most of his time. If he explores too far from home, you get a text and email.

Functional Design

An elegant product for an elegant animal.

Your cat may not care about contemporary design, but he does care about running from dogs, jumping off fences, and catching mice to leave on your doorstep. And the Tagg tracker was developed with all that in mind. It’s small, lightweight, and tough. It can be worn at all times—indoors and outdoors.

Exercise and Activity Monitoring

Track activity on the app or online.

Worried your cat isn't getting enough rest? Yeah, neither are we, but exercise is vital and important to monitor - especially in older cats. Easy-to-read charts help you track your cat's activity throughout the day and over time to make sure they are feeling their best.

GPS Location Tracking

Mittens will never go missing again.

The Tagg Tracker uses GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your cat's whereabouts 24/7. Tagg alerts you when Mittens is away from home so you can quickly find him using the interactive map on your phone or computer and bring him home safe. Never again wonder where they are with the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker.

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