Measure Activity & Stay Healthy

Onboard accelerometer monitors your dog's exercise & movement.

Tagg comes with a built-in accelerometer that senses your pet’s movement. The accelerometer measures steps taken, distance walked, and overall activity duration and intensity every 30 seconds. This data is uploaded into your Tagg account and shown to you with easy to follow activity charts. It's your personal pet fitness monitor! Track your pet's activity to help keep them healthy and happy!

Set Goals and Track Progress

Tagg Points let you monitor daily exercise and track improvements.

Daily activity and movement will earn your pet Tagg Points based on how active they are. Tagg Points are similar to calories burned, but they take into account other factors such as your pet’s previous and recommended activity levels, size, and weight. Set daily Tagg Points fitness goals and use tools like the Activity Snapshot to see if your pet meets their goals.

Activity Timeline

Spot long-term trends or abrupt changes in activity levels.

Tagg saves up to 90 days of your pet's activity data, so you can spot changes or long-term trends in your pet’s activity and discuss them with your vet. Drops in activity levels can signal a more serious health issue, so use this data to tell if there’s ever a problem with your pet or if everything is fine.

Single Day Activity Tracking

Track what time of day your pet is most active.

The Activity Timeline will show you what times throughout the day your pet is resting, lightly active, moderately active, or highly active. Plan activity for your pet based around the times that they are moderately active or highly active. Veterinarians recommend 30-60 minutes of exercise per day for your pet, and planning based on your pet's natural energy levels makes it easier to hit this goal.

Setup and Activation

Tagg Notifications

How it Works

Collar Attachment

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