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Get Tagg to track and monitor your pet 24/7.
Tagg isn't only for dogs—it keeps cats safe and healthy too!

Track More than Your Pet's Location. Track her well-being.


Tagg—The Pet Tracker can do more than track and find your pet. With Activity Tracking, find out how active your pet is—and be proactive about her health.

Vets recommend daily exercise for your dog, and Tagg helps you get there. Activity Tracking offers a unique opportunity to know more about your pet's activity levels, giving you peace of mind that you've never had before.

Help keep your best buddy around longer with regular exercise.

Detailed, easy-to-use charts will give you a complete picture you can share with your pet’s vet, so you can make educated decisions about activity and health.

  • Activity Snapshot
    Easily track the day’s activity in one simple view,
    right at your fingertips.
  • Activity Timeline
    Track every run, snooze, walk, and sniff, no matter
    where you are.
  • Total Hours Active
    Is your pet getting enough exercise? Find out with Tagg.
  • 90-Day Activity Timeline
    Spot changes or long-term trends in your pet’s activity, so you can discuss with your vet. Whether there’s a problem or everything’s fine, you’ll know.