20% Longer Battery Life

Exclusive PowerSave Technology™ gives you 7-14 days of battery life.

The new Tagg GPS Plus pet tracker comes with a long lasting Li-Ion battery and utilizes our exclusive PowerSave Technology™ to get the most out of the battery life. The Tracker communicates with the docking station using shortwave radio and will stay in power-saving mode when the two can "hear" each other. This allows the Tagg Tracker to optimize battery life when the pet is at home and near the docking station.

Nationwide coverage GPS Pet Tracker

Nationwide Coverage

Track your pet anywhere in the U.S.

Tagg uses cellular and GPS technology and has nationwide coverage across the United States via the nation's largest wireless network. Tagg uses GPS technology to determine the location of your Tracker and uses cellular technology to transmit that location to your phone. Since Tagg uses both GPS and cellular, the device has the option of determining location using the cellular network if the device is in an area where GPS might not work. The flexibility between GPS and cellular is how Tagg can track your pet across the U.S.

Size, Weight & Waterproof

Lightweight, durable and waterproof.

The Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker weighs 1.3 oz. and measures 4.2" in length, 1.5" in width, and .8" in height, meaning it can comfortably attach to any sized dog collar. The Tracker is so light it can even be used on birds, just ask Auburn University's war eagles. It's also IP67 certified waterproof which means your pup can keep it on during bath time or a swim. The Tagg GPS Plus is specially designed to be part of your pet's active lifestyle and to be worn at all times, no matter the activity.

Eagle GPS Pet Tracker Lightweight Durable Comfortable
Pet GPS Tagg Tracker Dogs

Works on Pets of All Sizes

Wear Tagg GPS Plus on your collar or harness.

The Tagg system is optimized for pets that weigh 10lbs or more and fits easily on most existing collars. For smaller pets, we recommend using a harness and placing the Tracker on the back of the animal between its shoulder blades.


Tagg service subscription required.

A subscription to the Tagg service is required for each Tagg Tracker. Each Tracker must be paired to a docking station in order for the system to function. An internet connection on a PC or Mac is required to activate your Tagg device the first time you use it. An internet connection is also required after activation if you would like to receive email updates and alerts. Text messages can be sent to your mobile phone but require you have a carrier text plan for your phone.

Setup and Activation

Tagg Notifications

How it Works

Collar Attachment

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