Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Everything you need to get started with Tagg

The most advanced and reliable GPS Pet Tracker and Fitness Monitor for your pet.  Tagg GPS Tracker is a simple and efficient way to help keep your dog safe and healthy.  Order now and rest easy that your dog will be protected.  Includes:

     • 1 Tagg GPS Pet Tracker
     • 1 Docking Station
     • 1 Collar Clip Assembly and Power Kit
     • 1 Tagg Guard
     • 2 months of Free Tagg Service, $9.95 per month after that.
     • 30 day 100% satisfaction guaranteed refund policy

Tagg Service Coverage
Tagg trackers are connected to America’s Largest Wireless Network and thus will work almost anywhere in the US.  To view Tagg system coverage in your area, please see the Tagg coverage map.

Tagg Service Plans
The first 2 months of Tagg service are included for Free.  After 2 months you will be charged $9.95 per month. When you activate your new Tagg Tracker you can also choose to pay once per year for a 20% discount of $95.40 ($7.95 per month).  A one-time $14.95 activation fee is charged at the end of your free service period.

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Skinit Color Pack


Tagg Guard


The Tagg Tracker. Only $99.

Get started with GPS location and activity tracking for your pet.

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