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Harness the power of GPS to keep your pet safe and healthy. Tagg is a GPS pet tracker that monitors your dog's location and immediately notifies you if they are not where they are supposed to be. Quickly find them and bring them home safe! Tagg also monitors pet exercise levels and helps you to keep them at their healthy and happy best.

Location Tracking

Harness the power of GPS to keep your pet safe. Tagg monitors your pet's location and immediately notifies you if your pet is not where they are supposed to be. Find them using the interactive map on your phone or computer, and bring them home safe.

Activity Monitoring

Do you know what your dog does when you are away? Tagg Activity Tracking will tell you how active your pet is so you can be proactive about their health. Detailed, easy-to-use charts give you a complete picture, help you set exercise goals, and are easily shared with your pet’s vet. Keep your pup healthy and happy with Tagg.

PowerSave Technology

Tagg uses our exclusive PowerSave Technology  to extend the length of every battery charge. When near the docking station the Tracker stays in PowerSave mode, giving you a longer battery life than any other GPS pet tracker on the market. Tagg also alerts you when the battery is running down so you can recharge it and keep your pet safe.

Award-Winning Mobile App

The Tagg free mobile app is a convenient way to stay in touch with and track your dog. Receive instant notifications if they get out, find them on a map, and even get driving directions to their location. The Tagg app also shows you their activity reports to help keep them at their best. It will even help find places nearby like vets, dog parks, and pet stores. Available for both iPhone and Android smartphones, we've got you (and your pet) covered. Download it at the iTunes or Google Play app stores for free.

Learn More About How Tagg Works

GPS Location Tracking

The Tagg Tracker uses GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your dog's whereabouts 24/7. Tagg alerts you if your pet is away from home so you can quickly find them and bring them home safe. Never again wonder where they are with the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker.

Exercise & Activity Monitoring

Keep track of how much exercise your dog is getting whether you are at home or away. Tagg uses a high-tech accelerometer to keep track of how active your pet has been during the day and shows you easy-to-follow charts. Set goals and keep your dog at their healthy happy best!

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