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Susan F., Tagg userWe rescued a podenco (Ibizan Hound) from Spain. He flew from Madrid to Miami with 5 other rescued galgos and podencos. I picked him up in Jacksonville, FL and drove him home (20 hours round trip). The first morning in our home my husband thought it was safe to let him off the leash to play with our other sighthounds and "poof" he was gone. 23.5 hours later he found his way back to our home but this episode is what prompted us to buy the TAGG system. Best investment we ever made for our peace of mind. Not only could we locate him at any point in time, loved the activity tracking aspect as our goal every day was to make him too tired to run away again. The battery charge usually only lasted for 5 days because we had it "on" at all times. The TAGG only came off the collar one time, and it was probably my failure to attach it securely but I found it easily by hitting the button on the base unit so it would blink. In the 2 months that we used it we only got one false alarm. Highly recommend TAGG for any dog but especially for sighthounds with a high prey drive as they can disappear so quickly.

Susan F., Tagg user

Karen C., Tagg userAfter 4 days of our cat Rowdy disappearing, we finally found him in a 40 foot tall pine tree in the rain with two dogs guarding the bottom. My husband climbed the tree and was able to save him. We never wanted Rowdy to go thru that again so we researched and found the best reviews for the Tagg. We could never be happier that we bought it. It emails and alerts us at all times by our mobile phones when he is out of the area.The collar does not seem to faze him at all, the only thing he does not like is when he is out of zone and we track him down, because he knows he is in TIME OUT for the day. Thank you for a wonderful product and well being of our pets.

Karen C., Tagg user

Carol S., Tagg userI had just let my dog Taylor out to run around for a few minutes this morning when I got a message that she was outside the tracking zone. I used the locate button and tracked her to the side of a busy road. I was able to stop traffic and pick her up. There is a very good chance she would have been hit by a car today had I not been able to track her. A fox had been on our property at dawn this morning, and I'm now guessing he was still here when I let Taylor out and she gave chase. Thank you!

Carol S., Tagg user

Jeff Snyder, Tagg UserI have had the TAGG system on my retired police dog and in-training service dog for over 3 years now. We have had some close calls, but nothing like last week. My wife and I were traveling to Georgia to attend my Nephews basic training graduation (I am a Captain in the Army). About 4 hours from home, the TAGG alerts began to come in that BOTH our dogs had left the TAGG zone and were headed in different directions! Having recently moved to this new neighborhood, we knew that they were unfamiliar with the area. My Mother is 75 years old, has a bit of trouble getting around, and was "dog-sitting" for us at the time. She did not know that the lawn service technician had left the back gate wide open when he left and did not know that the dogs had left for their "adventure" until we called from Georgia. I pulled over and started tracking Bravo, our retired police dog (who is beginning to forget where he is sometimes)on my Galaxy S5 while my wife got on her cell phone with my mother. I tracked him and gave her updates on the phone as he was already over a mile away. Thanks to the TAGG system, she found him sitting on a stranger's porch in the exact yard that TAGG had identified. She got him in the car and brought him home. Then we worked Foxx's track and my mother found him about a block away in the other direction within 10 minutes. After a lot of tears of worry, they became tears of joy from everyone involved. I cannot begin to thank TAGG for such a wonderful product. Another upside of the "journey" is that all of the neighbors heard my mother yelling for both Bravo and Foxx and she would tell them that they had GPS trackers on them and she was sure they were close. This prompted a LOT of interest from our neighbors and we have sent them all to your website to order their own TAGG systems. I expect that within a few weeks the entire neighborhood will have TAGG systems on their loved ones. TAGG saved not one dog that day but TWO, going in SEPARATE directions!!! This product is second to none and we look forward to telling everyone that we can about how wonderful TAGG is as a product. In fact, we have called the local news and plan on seeing if they are interested in doing a story on this event. Keep up the great work and thank you again! We don't have children by choice and these precious pups enrich our lives every day. Fortunately; we trusted TAGG, stayed calm, and led my mother right to both of them!

Jeff Snyder, Tagg User

Donna M., Tagg userSammy, the little blond guy on the left is one of our rescues. Sammy had the bad habit of digging out of the yard, eating through the stockade fence to get out of the yard, or bolting out of the front door. On the day Tagg saved Sammy's life. Sammy got out and I heard my iphone go off with a text message. It said that two of my dogs, Sammy and Cloughy were on the run. Cloughy always followed her man Sammy, so I was not surprised. I hit the locate button and it showed me that Sammy and Cloughy were separated (Cloughy had stopped by a lady standing on a corner and the lady called me to tell me that she had my dog) Sammy on the other hand was heading for an eight lane high speed road. I quickly got into my car. I tracked Sammy's location while my husband drove. We headed Sammy off and caught up with him when he was about 300 feet from the eight lane high speed road. I watched the cars zooming by and thought..."Thank you Tagg....you just saved my dogs life" Sammy and Cloughy are never without their Tagg pet monitoring systems on.

Donna M., Tagg user

Ed, Tagg UserI was somewhat concerned that in my rural area my Verizon signal strength would be affecting performance of the TAGG operation. So far I have been very happy with its operation. I usually get notified very quickly when we exit the home zone. I always forget to put it into a trip mode, thus running the battery down frequently. I have had one incident in which Kaymen has left the premises and was notified within 5 min. I was so concerned of his well being (he's still a puppy) that it was tested me in logging in and sending out the location command while driving my golf cart. Needless to say it took me right to the area he was. I live in a very heavy desert growth area with hills in all directions. He could have gone anywhere but TAGG put me right were I needed to be. I called for him and there he was with a big smile on his face! Mine too!

Ed, Tagg User

Penny Amir, Tagg UserThank you TAGG for making and maintaining such an incredible product. The device has allowed us to find and follow our Siberian Husky within minutes of her escape and chase (she's a deer chaser) and the security of knowing we are alerted whenever she is outside of our home zone and the accuracy and easy of following the device on our cell phone has made it invaluable to us. We would certainly have lost our Siberian without the device due to her propensity for chasing deer and amazing speed. Tags and micro-chipping are not enough and we recommend this device and it's real time accuracy to everyone we see. Also, the Activity feature is really fun and very accurate in terms of level of activity and we know that as long as we reach a certain score then our active pup has had enough exercise and that's helpful for us and it's helpful when we are on vacation we can tell that she's getting enough exercise by her caretakers. We are very grateful to TAGG for keeping our pup safe and giving us peace of mind every day (and even alerting us when the battery is low!). Thank you TAGG!

Penny Amir, Tagg User

Diana C., Tagg userWe have a husky who got out regularly when we got her. After the ground started to thaw out, we knew we needed some way to track her. We got the chance today, and the tracker let us know where she was. I would recommend this to anyone!!!!

Diana C., Tagg user

Leslie H., Tagg userWe found out that our Lil' Nik was an adventurer. Numerous times Tagg has helped us bring the little adventurer back home. All seem amazing stories to me but the one that sticks out the most is when wandered into a new home construction site on a dark, cold night. His Tagg alerted us & drove right over. After we called to him, we saw his Tagg blinking! A gentle meow came toward us, happy for us to take him back to his warm bed.

Leslie H., Tagg user

Vicki, Tagg userMy little shi tzu has gone blind. I got him His Tagg a few years ago. Several times he has gotten out when someone has left a door open. I live in a very rural area with coyotes fox bobcats ect. I am so thankful I have heard a text when my little guy got away and started to wander. I cant imagine what could have happened without fast action.

Vicki, Tagg user
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