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Fiona N., Tagg userWe live in a rural area and our property is 21 acres so we don't have a dog fence around the whole place. When we are out and about doing chores on our 'ranch', we always ensure that they are wearing their Pet Tracker Taggs so that, if they wander off unnoticed, we can quickly track them down before they meet up with trouble. One day the two of them slipped off and, when we realized we didn't know where they were, we tracked them with the phone app. We found them not far from our property, but within 50 yards of some aggressive huskies that are allowed to wander free in our valley. Fortunately the Pet Tracker Tagg enabled us to find them before they actually had a close encounter with the huskies, otherwise they would probably have been attacked and suffered injuries. We love our Pet Tracker Taggs as they give us a great sense of security and help us keep our dogs safe from harm.

Fiona N., Tagg user

I think this device is one of the best things I have ever bought. It lets you know within a 100 feet from where you're dog is if he gets lost and it will notify you by email or a text if he goes out of a zone you set up. I have used it a half a dozen times as my dog sometimes gets out of my sight. Just the peace of mind to know you're dog will never be lost to me is worth a million dollars and the price to me for the product and monitoring is cheap.I have it on both of my dogs and will always have it on my dogs.When the battery life gets low you will get notified.Once in a while I may have an issue but I call customer service and all the issues have gotten taken care of.I have had Tagg now for over a year and all my dogs from this day forward will never be with out it.There would be no lost pet signs on the road side if people used TAGG.

Richard, Tagg user

Cynthia G., Tagg userWell after much MUCH research, I had decided to buy the Tagg pet tracker after my Siberian Husky ran off chasing a Panther (Yes, a panther). My husky has a microchip and a collar with her information but was picked up by a neighbor down the block and they decided she was such a pretty dog they decided to keep her (I will be silent about my feelings towards them now). Well after posting flyers and calling every animal shelter in town, my boyfriend found her being walked on a leash in these peoples property to their mailbox a day later. Needless to say, I immediately knew microchipping and having a collar wasn't enough (sadly). I found the Tagg, ordered it, followed all its directions for setup and it's the best thing ever! I went on vacation a week after her little adventure and had a friend watch over her. Well she ran away from him not once, but twice! I was able to track her from the Tagg app on my phone and online from the laptop using the website provided for Tagg and I was able to direct my friend to her exact path and where she was at that exact moment... It continuously updates or you can manually update to search for her location, map looks like a google map which you can change to satellite view and zoom in/out. Needless to say, it works and calms the nerves when you have a high active/curious dog and never need to worry if they ever run off cause you can just whip out your cell and find them instantly. Great product.

Cynthia G., Tagg user

We rescued a dog from the forest. The vet could tell she hadn't eaten in at least 6 weeks, and probably longer. She had become so weak that she could no longer get down the bank of the creek to get water. She was in such bad shape we took her to our vet to be put down. The vet couldn't legally put her down because she wasn't our dog, but they agreed to keep her comfortable overnight and fully expected her to die before morning. It was heartbreaking. Due to the heroic efforts of our vet she did survive the night; but alas, she was so far gone that her organs had all started shutting down and her heart stopped the following week. If she'd had a Tagg tracker her family would have been able to find her and she'd never have gone through such misery. Tagg is an amazing product, and everyone I've ever spoken to at Tagg has been wonderful. The monthly service fee is a small price to pay for the safety and well being of our beloved Maggie. We make a point to tell other dog lovers about Tagg so another dog doesn't have to go through what our poor rescue dog (and her family) suffered.

Robin E., Tagg user

We live in a gated rural lake community with no leash laws. We love all the big dogs that run around and become fixtures at many homes. Unfortunately when its time to leave the house the act of tracking down your pet can be frustrating if not impossible. With Tagg we are able to track or Retriever to her exact location, jump in a golf cart and have her home in minutes. Perfect technology for this application.

Brian B., Tagg user

Scott D., Tagg userWe have a yellow lab that is undeterred by our Invisible Fence (although our other lab respects it), so I bought this tracker for her. She is often gone for a couple of hours but always turns up at the back door, often wet and muddy. We had assumed she was just frolicking in neighboring woods and creek, but we live on a busy 4-lane highway with a 45 mph speed limit, so it's always stressful when she's missing. Well, we had our first test two nights ago when she ran off the first time with the tracker on her collar and activated. I immediately started receiving alerts (text and email). I was at a college basketball game so couldn't respond immediately, but once I got home my wife and I set out to find her. I drove about two miles, to the "paw" icon shown on the map (in a densely populated subdivision), and there she was, galloping across yards and about to make a turn onto a golf course in the direction of our home. We called her and she came and we drove her home. Based on the other places she had been according to previous alerts, we figure she covered about four miles. Frightening to think that this probably wasn't the first time she had traveled that route. We are considering options to get her to stay inside the Invisible Fence perimeter, but in the meantime, I'm happy we can at least have an idea of where she is next time she bolts. I read reviews complaining that map locations were not timely communicated, but they seemed to be in our experience. I was using my iPad and I would just hit the "refresh" icon when I wanted to update her location.

Scott D., Tagg user

Robin G., Tagg userThanks to your product, my cat, Nigel, can go back outside again. This is a cat with about 50 Facebook followers. He's beloved by MANY, so I didn't want to take a chance that he'd get lost if I let him outside here in Orlando. We just moved to here so Nigel doesn't know the area. Your TAGG collar was the answer to our troubles (an unhappy cat) and the reason our boy is happy again. Yesterday I found him in a tree about 20 feet from the perimeter I set up online. The collar is accurate to about 15 feet - given the fact the cat is mobile, it might even be the case the collar is accurate to 15 *inches*. I am able to track Nigel with my smart phone TAGG APP - all my neighbors think it's really very cool.

Robin G., Tagg user

I have a 8 year old Aussie Shepard. The smoke alarm low battery sounded in my house around 4am. I did not hear it but she did. I thought she needed to go out so I took her tagg which was on the charger and put it back on her and let her out. We have a fenced backyard but she jumped the fence and took off. She was freaked by the sound in the house. I ran around the back of the house but she was gone. I ran to get my phone jumped in the truck and started locating her. She was on the move fast and near busy streets. I turned down the road the locator had her last and she was running towards the car. She jumped in and she was safe. All I have to say is unreal. It was a dire situation that turned out well. I would have never tracked her down without the device.

Scott B., Tagg user

Tagg saved the lives of my two dogs the very first day of use. We live in the country next to a large U.S Army Corp. lake. Our dogs like to roam the area which is why we got the Tagg dog tracker system. The first day I put the Tagg trackers on their collars they decided to take an extended trip. Much of the area they were in was public hunting and had an abundance of Coyotes and Bobcats, but mostly unreachable by car. The day was very cold and we expected sub zero temperatures that night. We started tracking the dogs and my wife tried to call the dogs home, but by that time they were too far away to hear. She drove to a nearby dock and tried calling from that location but by that time they had once again gone too far to hear their commands. We watched their route and saw they were heading around the shore of the lake. I directed my wife to a road that came within 200 yards of the lake and she went to that location. As I monitored the dogs location, I told my wife to begin calling the dogs. Within a minute our Golden Retriever mix came to her, another minute later our 5 month old Great Dane came as well. The Great Dane pup would never have lasted the night due to the temperature or the other anmimals looking for a tasty dinner. This system is absolutely amazing. Thank you Tagg for making a system that saved my dogs lives on the first day of use. Obviously this was the best money I ever spent on any purchase. We never would have found these dogs who traveled nearly 4 miles away. There were no homes in the area to seek shelter at and time was short before the elements would have consumed them. To say I'm a gratefull customer is an understatement. If you have similar concerns about your animals I strongly suggest you buy this system. It's not that expensive and the peace of mind is well worth the cost.

Steve F., Tagg user

Robert & Claire, Tagg usersTAGG just saved our dogs life! First a little background... We live in a rural area and have a fair amount of acreage. We also have a 4 acre pond fitted with a windmill air pump that supplies the pond with oxygen. During the winter, as the air is pumped through the air stone to the surface it leaves a portion of the pond unfrozen. We recently purchased 2 pure bred German Shepherds – Patton and Rommel. We purchased the Tagg Pet Tracker for each of them as fencing here is minimal and we wanted to teach our dogs to stay close to home. We wanted to be alerted when they strayed. Patton and Rommel were outside playing as usual and the “outside the home Tagg zone” alert came across our cell phones. Calling them home, we saw Patton running back and forth at the ponds edge in obvious distress. We already knew Rommel had fallen into the open hole on the surface of the pond. We ran out to find Rommel’s head sticking out of the hole in the ice as he struggled to clamber out of the water. Hypothermia was setting in quickly and Rommel had only minutes to live. Running out onto the ice at first and then crawling as the ice thinned we were able to reach Rommel and get a line tied to his collar. Backing away from the hole allowed Rommel the leverage to climb out of the icy water and back to safety. Moral of the story…. There are many dangers out there for our beloved animals. Whether in the city with traffic or in the country with open ponds, horses that kick or packs of coyotes that attack we can’t protect them from all hazards they will encounter. In this case, the Tagg alert we received bought us the minutes that meant the difference between life and death for our puppy! Thank You Tagg – your product is worth every penny!

Robert & Claire, Tagg users
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