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I have a 8 year old Aussie Shepard. The smoke alarm low battery sounded in my house around 4am. I did not hear it but she did. I thought she needed to go out so I took her tagg which was on the charger and put it back on her and let her out. We have a fenced backyard but she jumped the fence and took off. She was freaked by the sound in the house. I ran around the back of the house but she was gone. I ran to get my phone jumped in the truck and started locating her. She was on the move fast and near busy streets. I turned down the road the locator had her last and she was running towards the car. She jumped in and she was safe. All I have to say is unreal. It was a dire situation that turned out well. I would have never tracked her down without the device.

Scott B., Tagg user

Tagg saved the lives of my two dogs the very first day of use. We live in the country next to a large U.S Army Corp. lake. Our dogs like to roam the area which is why we got the Tagg dog tracker system. The first day I put the Tagg trackers on their collars they decided to take an extended trip. Much of the area they were in was public hunting and had an abundance of Coyotes and Bobcats, but mostly unreachable by car. The day was very cold and we expected sub zero temperatures that night. We started tracking the dogs and my wife tried to call the dogs home, but by that time they were too far away to hear. She drove to a nearby dock and tried calling from that location but by that time they had once again gone too far to hear their commands. We watched their route and saw they were heading around the shore of the lake. I directed my wife to a road that came within 200 yards of the lake and she went to that location. As I monitored the dogs location, I told my wife to begin calling the dogs. Within a minute our Golden Retriever mix came to her, another minute later our 5 month old Great Dane came as well. The Great Dane pup would never have lasted the night due to the temperature or the other anmimals looking for a tasty dinner. This system is absolutely amazing. Thank you Tagg for making a system that saved my dogs lives on the first day of use. Obviously this was the best money I ever spent on any purchase. We never would have found these dogs who traveled nearly 4 miles away. There were no homes in the area to seek shelter at and time was short before the elements would have consumed them. To say I'm a gratefull customer is an understatement. If you have similar concerns about your animals I strongly suggest you buy this system. It's not that expensive and the peace of mind is well worth the cost.

Steve F., Tagg user

Robert & Claire, Tagg usersTAGG just saved our dogs life! First a little background... We live in a rural area and have a fair amount of acreage. We also have a 4 acre pond fitted with a windmill air pump that supplies the pond with oxygen. During the winter, as the air is pumped through the air stone to the surface it leaves a portion of the pond unfrozen. We recently purchased 2 pure bred German Shepherds – Patton and Rommel. We purchased the Tagg Pet Tracker for each of them as fencing here is minimal and we wanted to teach our dogs to stay close to home. We wanted to be alerted when they strayed. Patton and Rommel were outside playing as usual and the “outside the home Tagg zone” alert came across our cell phones. Calling them home, we saw Patton running back and forth at the ponds edge in obvious distress. We already knew Rommel had fallen into the open hole on the surface of the pond. We ran out to find Rommel’s head sticking out of the hole in the ice as he struggled to clamber out of the water. Hypothermia was setting in quickly and Rommel had only minutes to live. Running out onto the ice at first and then crawling as the ice thinned we were able to reach Rommel and get a line tied to his collar. Backing away from the hole allowed Rommel the leverage to climb out of the icy water and back to safety. Moral of the story…. There are many dangers out there for our beloved animals. Whether in the city with traffic or in the country with open ponds, horses that kick or packs of coyotes that attack we can’t protect them from all hazards they will encounter. In this case, the Tagg alert we received bought us the minutes that meant the difference between life and death for our puppy! Thank You Tagg – your product is worth every penny!

Robert & Claire, Tagg users

David B., Tagg userTagg Pet Tracker Saved His Life! My 10 year old Labrador retriever is very good about staying in the yard, but occasionally he will adventure after a deer or rabbit. Yesterday morning after letting Lucky out he did not come when called, so I started the tracking App on my Android phone and was relieved to see he was down by the creek in the woods. About 20 minutes later he came up the hill and crossed the road and was headed in the wrong direction, so I jumped in my truck and tracked him to the next hill side over. I pulled into a driveway which was near his location on the Tagg Pet Tracker App, and waited to see him as I did not want to trespass on this property- it was still dark. 10 minutes later I lost his signal, waited awhile and the signal was still lost so I re started the App. This time I received a message from the collar stating “cell signal good, GPS coordinates unknown” I thought to myself he must be in a barn or a house without visibility to the sky and hoped someone had taken him indoors so I was waiting for a telephone call ( my telephone number is on his collar) However, no call and still no GPS fix… Then finial after 30 minutes his location updated on the tracking map, the little blue position dot was right in the middle of a in ground swimming pool (explains the lost GPS) about one quarter mile away! I rushed to his location and he was in the pool struggling for his life, his legs were tangled in the pool cover that he fell though and could hardy keep his head above water. I jumped in immediately and pulled him out. There was no fence around this pool, and the owners were out of town. I was only able to rescue my Lucky dog due to the Tagg Pet Tracker. Thank you for making this technology affordable. David B. Cincinnati OH

David B., Tagg user

Bob, Tagg userI live in a rural area and our 14 year old dog occasionally wanders off and gets lost. I tried the Garmin GTU10 device before the Tagg Pettracker as we have had numerous Garmin GPS products and they are usually right on the money. Without making a long story of it, the GTU10 proved to be unreliable with a very short battery life. We do have good cell reception in the area with both Verizon and AT&T, so this was not the problem. I returned the GTU10 to Amazon and have since noticed that this product was discontinued. I purchased the Tagg device directly from Pettracker after speaking to one of their rep's who advised of the money back guarantee if not satisfied. Again, the short version: This thing works great, absolutely perfect. No glitches, long battery life, and 100% reliable.

Bob, Tagg user

Bruce T., Tagg userI had a 3 year old black lab named Jake. I should have named in "The Mayor" because no matter where we went he wanted to wander and meet other people. I would travel in many circles in an around New England and Jake always came with. However, he would wander and sometimes a mile away by the time someone called from his collar tag or we found him. It was frustrating to say the least, but I couldn't stay mad long. When I got the Tagg Pet Tracker my life was no longer consumed by looking for the dog. When he came down with cancer at 3 1/2 years old I decided to let him go where ever he wanted. The tracker allowed me to find him within 3 feet every time on my mobile app and I was content that if he passed away while on the prowl I would be able to bring him home. Although Jake did pass away in October 2013, I am here to say I highly recommend Pet Tracker for knowing where your pet is at all times, just make sure to keep the tracker dry and charged when the pet is home safe. Thank you.

Bruce T., Tagg user

Barbara M., Tagg userTHANK YOU TAGG “There’re out,” he said. What do you mean “They’re out,” I replied. My husband Jon’s voice sounded somewhere between alarmed and miffed as he spoke to me over the phone. “I let them out with me and they just took off running. “Let me see if I have a text,” I said. I checked my cell and there was no text from TAGG the Pet Tracking service my son gave me as a Birthday gift. “Nothing on my cell. Did you check the back yard?” “No need,” came a quick response as if I should have known that. “I was out front at the mailbox with them and they ran off.” “OK,” I responded. “I will check the TAGG website.” My Brother, sister-in-law and I were in my Uncle Grey’s room at the Assisted Living home. I had flown up from Atlanta to visit him. We no sooner started catching up on family history and the call came in from my husband. “This is GREAT,” I blurted when I got onto the nursing home’s wireless network. After desperately trying to remember my username, password and then those “security questions”, I opted to call TAGG. “Hello. Thank you for calling TAGG Support. This is Stephanie. May I help you? ” came the female voice over the phone. “My dogs are out. I have a TAGG tracker on them. I have no message on my cell. Can you help me? ” I said with a higher level of stress in my voice. “Sure,” came the calm and kind voice from the phone. “Can I have your name?” “Try Abbey – That’s my pet’s name.” “Can I have the last four numbers of your credit card you used for the tracking service for verification? “ “I am traveling and don’t carry all cards. Please ask me something else.” “No problem,” said Stephanie. I liked her so much by now. “Give me the code on your base station.” “I can’t. I am in Pennsylvania and my husband is home in Atlanta,” I replied. “Have her hold on. I’ll call Jon on my cell and get the info,” my brother interjected. After a moment, I give the code to Stephanie. “Your messages are turned off, shall I turn them on for you?” she replied. “PLEASE. It probably has something to do with flight mode on my phone.” “I see them,” says Stefanie. “They are just off Flowers Road.” “I don’t know Flowers Rd. Can you give me the names of some other streets?” I replied. I took the phone from my brother and gave him the cell I was using to talk to Stephanie. “Get in the truck and start driving,” I started to tell Jon. “Look for... WAIT!” My brother was getting updates from Stephanie. “Have they moved?” I said. “Not really,” he relays. “They’re in a patch of woods just off Brandywine Rd.” “Drive to Mercer and take a left, another left on Brandy Wine,” I said to Jon. “OK” came my husband’s voice on the other end. After what seemed like an eternity, he says, “I am at Brandywine and Flowers.” I look over to my brother and he has Google maps upon the computer and is still getting updates from Stephanie. “They are in some woods across from a very long building,” I tell my husband. “I just set the beacon on Abbey’s transmitter to flash red and blue to help you spot her,” says Stephanie. “There’s a curve. Go half way through it and stop. They are in that patch of woods” my brother relays. I hear “ABBEY, JAKE, come here” over the phone as my husband calls the dogs. “ABBEY, JAKE…. The calls continue. “See them?” I query Jon with HOPE. No, he says. “They’ve changed direction” comes the helpful update from Stephanie. “Jon”, I say quickly. “Hop in the truck. Go further down the road. At the edge of the woods, there’s a sandy patch. They are moving in that direction. A few minutes later I hear “ABBEY, JAKE, Come on… “ My Uncle has been patient through all this but you can see he would like us to get back to our visit. My cousin Jo Marie, says, need a drink, I have red and white wine and scotch and you look like your blood pressure is too high. “No thanks, I am really fine,” I lie. “Abbey, Jake” I hear from Jon trying to be as calm and dulcet as possible. Another moment and I hear GOOD boy. Here Abbey. GOOD Girl.” You Have Them!!! I said. “Yes” says Jon and they are wet and sandy.” You owe me a truck cleaning.” My brother continues on the phone, thanking Stephanie profusely for her help. I did not get to say anything to Stephanie since I gave my brother the phone. She was AMAZING! Thank you TAGG. I did not know how to express my sincere appreciation for what you do and the wonderful people you hire. I hope this recount helps you understand the extra steps your staff takes to support your clients. PS: Abbey and Jake are rescues. They were abandoned and abused but are now well adjusted, wonderful animals that almost never leave my side.

Barbara M., Tagg user

Linda B., Tagg userI have two little dogs with an outsized sense of adventure and they love to chase the nearby rabbits, pheasant, turkey, and ducks. Sometimes they go wandering out of my sight, but I love the safety and control their Tagg Pet Trackers provide. I can pull out my phone, pinpoint their locations, and we're reunited in short order. Better still, in over a year of use their Tagg Pet Trackers have never failed to notify me when they've left or entered the Home Zone. Thanks for the peace of mind!!

Linda B., Tagg user

Kerri S., Tagg userWe adopted a rescue dog named Ryan (german shepherd/basenji) almost a year ago. Over the months with us it became apparent that we had an escape artist on our hands. We were in the Verizon store upgrading our phones and saw the Tagg Pet Tracker. We had just had a couple of scary 5 minute escapes of Ryan from the yard, so we we interested in this technology. We bought it. We have not had any real test of the device and the app until tonight when Ryan disappeared after being let outside in our fenced yard after dinner to take care of evening business, when he jumped the fence...off he was chasing deer. He got too far and we couldn't find him and he wasn't returning quickly after the chase, which he usually does. This time, he was lost. We watched the tracker and it became clear by his movement that he was running. It was dark and foggy making it more difficult, but I and my smart phone went into the woods with my flashlight and headlamp. He was back and forth through the woods, but he was moving so fast we couldn't catch up with him...every 3 minutes he was in a different place. This went on for 2 hours. At one point I caught up with him in a neighbors woods, he was 20 feet from me, but was spooked and ran off. I think it was the headlamp. We were convinced that since he was in the woods behind our property, that he would probably come home on is own, so we briefly returned to the house to regroup, and prepare for a long night. Over the next 10 minutes we saw that he crossed a road into wood that leads into thousands of acres of State forestry land. I jumped in my car and drove there...my phone app showed that I was right on him, so I got out of the car and entered the woods and called him; I heard the leaves rustling in the distance and then I saw him and the red and blue flashing lights on his device coming towards me. I ditched the headlamp and he came to me. He was scared, dirty and smelled of deer urine, but he was safe and found! I am a believer! Thank you for this wonderful device!

Kerri S., Tagg user

Jennifer O., Tagg userWe ordered the Tagg system almost two years ago and couldn't be happier! Our girl Max has gotten free a few times since we rescued her, and each time our heart sank! We were so lucky to get her back, and we knew that the next time may be her last--we didn't want to take that risk, so when we saw the commercial for the Tagg system, we ordered it immediately! Since then, she has escaped (adventured with her Border Collie friend) and we've been able to pin point where she was within minutes! We love that we can check on our cell phones and computer--so easy to use! Our favorite part is the activity tracker--we love checking her activity level each day and we strive to reach our goal--this helps us to keep her active. We love the Tagg and rest easy knowing it's on her collar every day!

Jennifer O., Tagg user

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