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I just wanted to write and say thank you for this amazing service. I purchased two Tagg collars after my two dogs Raven and Charlie escaped from our backyard a few months ago. I stayed awake all night searching for them and I was an emotional wreck by morning. Luckily, I found them about a mile from our home. Since the big escape, I was so nervous to even let them outside in our fenced backyard for fear that they would somehow again escape. I decided to purchase two of your collars for Raven and Charlie and I can't begin to explain the peace of mind I have knowing that I can track them should they ever decide to go on another unsupervised adventure! The first time I took the dogs in the car for a ride with their new tracking collars on, my cell phone immediately began to receive alert messages saying that the dogs were outside of their Home Tagg Zone! Now even, when we take the dogs for a walk, I'm so happy to see my phone track them wherever we are! The collars give me three minute updates on their location and so far have worked perfectly....no problems! Anyway, just wanted to extend a personal thank you. My dogs are my best pals and It's wonderful to have a service like this available. Thanks Again!

Alice G., Tagg user

I live in rural missouri and have 4 dogs. Of that batch there's a beagle and Tabetian spaniel who love being outside and checking the acreage out...I can't trust either to not go past our property. After losing (then finding 10 days later) a fur child several years ago, I researched gps and wire collars. Most were too big for my little guys due to the battery...but tagg had just come on the market and I got two. I love the tagg trackers...while it is not real time ( our dream right!?) I can locate my guys and know they are close to home. The apps for i phone and i pad are especially great...I am tagg's biggest fan and my dogs can have a life because of it!

Charlotte, Tagg user

Like many people, I like to research purchases before I can make a decision. After reading up on numerous tracking systems, I chose to give this one a try. I AM THRILLED with the product. I have a 13+ year old Lab who has problems finding his way back to the front door after his "bio breaks". With the Tagg system, I can grab my smart phone, text "locate", and in less than a minute, I have an icon on a map showing me exactly where he is located. This does not happen very often, but when he takes an unscheduled walk without me, I am so glad that I can easily locate him and retrieve him. I have an average size city lot, and he is on the yard numerous times a day getting exercise with my younger lab, and the battery will last a few weeks, easily, before it needs recharging. He has never scratched or shaken it loose from his collar. It is great peace of mind. I know at his age, he can wander at anytime, and the peace of mind knowing that i can retrieve him at a moments notice is well worth the few dollars a month. Thank You, Thank You, Tagg system. You have made a great product.

Rick, Tagg user

Stacie, Tagg userI love Tagg. If Bull, my Chocolate lab/Dalmation mix leaves the house, he has it on. It is the best invention ever. We adopted Bull in October of 2012 only to find out he was a runner. We live on the lake and he LOVES the water and chasing most anything. First, we had some workers at the house and I told them not to let him out. He was new and didn't know where home was. Of course, they let him out. I couldn't find him and we looked for only 30 minutes and he did show back up, inside the house, soaking wet and in the middle of a mattress. That was just a short time but I knew I didn't like that feeling. Out of all the dogs I have ever had, I have never had to worry about one missing. I started researching and found out about Tagg. I tell everyone about it and they are amazed. We don't really have to use it that often anymore but I can't imagine him being outside without it on. In fact, just today we were playing ball and suddenly I noticed I didn't hear him. Sure enough, he was gone to the lake. I highly recommend it. I have the protective collar over it for extra protection because Bull is rough and tumble. He has been known to knock it off without the cover. The only thing I would like better is for it to be completely water proof but it works wonders for us. Peace of mind at all times.

Stacie, Tagg user

My wife decided to foster a rescue dog last summer - Roah, and of course we couldn't take her back to the shelter after we had her for eight weeks. But she had run wild on the Indian reservation for 2-1/2 years so my wife had been letting her run off-leash. Then last winter she took off after something and, to make a long story short, she was gone for five days and four nights lost on a local mountain next to town :( While sloughing thru the slush and mud 8-10 miles a day looking for her I kept thinking: "This is nuts, I can find my wife's iPhone but I can't find my dog!" Luckily someone found her stuck on a ledge howling and reunited us with our dog. And guess what - you can find your dog! The local shelter told me about Tagg and I did a lot of research and purchased our tracker the next week. We have iPhones and the app and maps works great, although a dog can move around a lot in three minutes. Only my wife sometimes forgets that this is a two part system - you need to remember to put the tracker on the collar and take your iPhone with you ;) One day I got a call from my wife's friend saying that Roah and her dog had run off and my wife didn't have her phone with her. So I fired up the laptop and I could actually tell which driveway they were standing on by the street below the trail. Except when they got down there the dogs were back up on the trail, and I could see that too. Soon they got the dogs rounded up and all's well that ends well - took 15 minutes to find the dogs instead of five days. Thanks to Tagg our dog gets to run around some and not always have to be on the leash - and hopefully I won't lose four nights of sleep ever again :)

Our town has an escalating fee structure for escapes. Our dog is now up to $200 per breakout so I was really really excited to find your product. In trial runs it seems to work exactly as advertised. Since the dog catcher seems to have taken up to parking at the end of our drive I only hope you don't start selling a "Dog catcher" version which has all the local dogs logged. We need that critical extra 15-30 minutes that it seems this product will give us.

Christopher J., Tagg user

April and Jonathan K., Tagg usersOur sweet Rex was "left behind" at the pool one day where he loves to swim...he didn't want to go so he hid in the bushes. He got his wish and was forgotten! Well..he got out of the pool area and was missing for about six hours. It was terrible for us...mostly because he's scared of new people and wouldn't willingly walk up to anyone for help. Amazingly, he came back on his own and we went home and bought Tagg. I'm hopeful we'll never use it in an emergency again, but it is such peace of mind. We love the activity tracker and points system. It's really amazing to track his (and our) activity over the day and over time! He loves swimming and being wet and dirty...and Tagg keeps up!

April and Jonathan K., Tagg users

Mary B., Tagg userMy husband and I recently rescued a 3-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer named Jake. We purchased the TAGG collar after he scared the life out of us when he went on a 2-hour solo adventure through the San Diego hills. We hoped that we would never *actually* have to use it. Not so much. Yesterday I took Jake to our neighborhood dog park to play ball and he locked on a bird and shot into the surrounding canyon. After several minutes of calling him, I started tracking him with his TAGG and had the pleasure of chasing him through a very steep canyon, across a street and onto the city golf course. TAGG was amazing... it got me within 5 feet of Jake (on the wrong side of the fence, which I, of course, had to scale) and I found the artful dodger taking a little rest under a tree by the 4th hole... he was very proud of himself, as evidenced by his photo. There is always a sense of panic when your fur baby runs off, but I knew his GPS had him covered and it turned a somewhat stressful situation into a downright comical experience. We re-entered the park and I didn't get out of there without half a dozen people asking about TAGG... I can't say enough good things about it and would recommend it to anyone. The peace of mind, in itself, is worth it!

Mary B., Tagg user

David W., Tagg userAmazing product, beautifully designed. Reminds me of Apple products, robust and elegant. I live in the country so my dogs tend to roam. With the pettag I can track them from work and I am alerted on my iphone when they take off. I think they're surprised when I go find them in some random location several miles away. If your dogs are rough they provide a cover that works really well. Nice job tagg!

David W., Tagg user

Bob M., Tagg userI live with two huskies, and two things are true about all huskies: they are escape artists and they love to run! The two of those make a combination for which the tracker is perfect. At least 4 times one or the other has managed to escape; each time we knew exactly where they were and got them back very quickly. This is a fantastic product for the owners of dogs who love to roam, and the price is worth every penny!

Bob M., Tagg user
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