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This collar is worth its weight in gold. My little dog is a perfect homebody 98% of the time, but when she decides to go into adventure mode she simply doesn't come back home. I've had the collar for 3 months now and twice it has saved me hours of driving around the neighborhood trying to figure out where she went. Reasonably priced, reasonable service charge, the app is well designed, and it does exactly what it's supposed to. Impressive!

Thomas R., Tagg user

I live in Atco, NJ - adjoining 115,000 Acres of the Wharton State Forest. My 11-month old Black Lab Ninja loves to run and chase the neighbor's cats and other wildlife that may wander into her territory. One day she took off and was gone for hours. I drove around for an hour, knowing that she would not cross two major roads in the area because she is afraid of the traffic. However, there are racoons and bears in the area, and I don't think Ninja would hesitate to try to chase them. After driving around and finding that she had returned home (possibly after hearing my jeep start up), I decided to get her a GPS Tracker. Although the tracker won't keep her from chasing things in the forest, now, at least, I can find her if she gets into trouble, and instantly know if she strays outside her normal "digs". The TRAIL feature of the PC software (on the Web site) is useful because it shows me what areas she likes to "patrol", and how often and far she strays outside her normal "digs". We all love our pets (see: http://www.Net4TruthUSA.com/mansbestfriend.htm ), and sometimes they get "distracted" and don't come right away when they're called. Tagg Tracker gives me the peace of mind to know that I can find her with the App on my cell phone, and drive or walk to within yards of her position any time she wanders away. Tagg lets me know if she is responding to my whistles to "come home", and is a Godsend for any pet owner living in a rural area where a dog can wander for miles and miles in the woods where there are no houses or people to "find" a lost dog.

David T., Tagg user

I love my sweet Husky more than any dog I have ever had and she loves me. However she loves running away more and then she gets lost. Within a few weeks of getting the tracker for Christmas (because my family loves me and hated seeing me cry so much when Miki ran away) she took off when my husband was watching her (or not watching her). I got a message at my meeting and left immediately and went to where it told me she was. I drove up, she jumped in the car. No tears at all. Love it and tell everyone about it.

Paulette J., Tagg user

Not only is the Tagg product great, but the folks at Tagg customer support are terrific as well! Our rambunctious four year old chocolate lab lost his tracker unit somewhere in six inches of fresh Colorado snow. The customer support person I talked to was very polite and helpful, and resolved the situation for me. I will not hesitate to recommend Tagg to my dog-loving friends. Jim B.

Jim B., Tagg user

I saw the Pet Tracker at Sams and wondered if it would really work in a rural setting. A week later my Aussie "Maggie" went missing. I found her 2 hours later over a mile away. I live on 25 acres surrounded on 3 sides with thick woods. I went back out to Sams and purchased one for Maggie. The Tagg support helped greatly. When I realized it really worked I purchased a second one for my Aussie "Jack". Aussies love to run and explore and now I know where to pick them up if they don't answer my call. When having fun they do not want to come back until they are ready. Very unnerving!! Thank you for having an affordable product and very good support.

Mary C., Tagg user

We have tagg's for all four of our dogs. The two Cairn Terriers have a way of escaping thru our impossible to escape back yard. When they do we live in a busy town and we fear for their lives and have no idea where to look for them. We've been lucky so far as neighbors many blocks away have brought them back. Now we can find them fast. Plus the activity tracking is absolutely a great tool which I check on daily to see who's getting their exercise. I am very, very pleased with my purchase of Tagg.

Bill H., Tagg user

After adopting a two year old Siamese cat from the Humane Society, we learned that he LOVED to go outside and roam around. We also learned that he loved going into neighbors houses (the neighbors did not love this). He is a skinny guy, weighing only about 7 pounds. I bought him a Tagg pet tracker a couple of weeks ago. The device is pretty big on him, but he tolerates it just fine. Now I only let him out when I am home, and I monitor whose house/garage/car he might be in. I also watch to make sure he stays in our subdivision and not near busy roads. I haven't gotten any more angry phone calls since!

Melissa V., D.D.S. M.S, Tagg user

I have several basset rescue dogs. One is particularly challenging in that he has been given up three times and has a tendency to roam when my kids leave door open for even a second. I had always known about TAGG but the price kept me from buying it. This month, My dad had just been diagnosed with lung cancer and was just admitted to the hospital. I got home to quickly take care of dogs, and in my rush, door did not close all the way. So two of my bassets ran. It was dark and so went looking for them, but was very stressed and conflicted on what to focus on - look for dogs or go back to hospital. At that moment I said I don't care what it costs. I would have paid over $100 for a reward if necessary so I felt I was just spending that money in advance. Plus peace of mind. I ordered within 30 minutes (thank goodness my husband when back out and found them about 5 blocks away in the middle of a busy road in the dark). I went with promo because it was on sale and provided 12 months of service. With that savings, I went ahead and ordered 1-2 priority shipping - knowing how stressed I would be over the next few weeks. This was 8 pm at night To my amazement I got the box the next day from TAGG. I never thought I would have gotten it from out of state less than 24 hours. I assumed packing would take a day then another 2 days for shipping. So I was very happy with it arriving giving me peace of mind. Thank you. I am waiting to save some money to buy taggs for my other two rescue dogs (they typically follow Bo which is my "special needs" basset. But hopefully will get two more taggs in the next few months. I would suggest making the plunge as soon as possible if you have dogs like mine that test the rules. Laura O

Laura O., Tagg user

I highly recommend getting one. It is a great invention. Their customer service went above and beyond helping me get connected the first time. I can't say enough great things about them.

Jay, Tagg user

My husband and I have two Westies, Emogene and Angus. Emogene has the travel bug and has escaped numerous times. Both dogs have ID chips, but that only helps if they are taken somewhere and scanned. We saw an article about Tagg and decided to try it. Emogene escaped our back yard last weekend, so we used the LOCATE function (she was not out of the home area) To our great relief, the LOCATE function pinpointed the exact corner of our next-door neighbor's yard where she was hiding! We are SO HAPPY with Tagg! Initially I was worried that the smallest definable home area would be too large, thus not very helpful. Not so. The LOCATE function took care of that concern! Tagg saved us a sleepless night and untold worry. If your pet has wanderlust like Emogene, get Tagg! (We have an add-on Tagg for Angus, too. Just in case.)

Mary P., Tagg user

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