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I have just purchased by second TAGG tracker and charger. The first is on our Great Pyrenees and has worked like a charm, even way out here in northeast Oklahoma. I had looked at the Tagg trackers previously, but never quite got around to buying one, until sadly, our beloved Akbash, Lightning, was murdered by another farmer 2 miles south of our place. I had no idea he was going down there and if I had a TAGG tracker on him I might still have my boy. Since then we have been adopted by a little stray aussie/border collie mix and, this TAGG is for him. Since he will also be microchipped this week, I guess that means he is now officially part of our family. Thanks for a great product that actually works!!!

Katie K., Tagg user

We do rescue and have fosters in and out. Not know thier habits this is great item if we get an escape artist. I have 2 runners who will try thier best to get out. Great piece of mind as last time she got out we had her back in 5 minutes. If you have multiple dogs buy the cover. Mine wrestle and often pull each other by the collar and have had the unit chewed beyond repair

Randi D., Tagg user

I have had both of my little girls trackers for about 3 months. I purchased them after my black lab Thunder dug out of the yard and was found hiding behind a store. I really did not think she would ever dig out again due to the fear she had when she was found. I recieved an email last Thursday saying both Thunder and Lightning were out out of the yard. I was able to track them and found them in less than 10 minutes. I was puzzled about how they got out. Upon arriving home that was quickly answered when I found the back down kicked in the house ran-sacked. I think any pet loving owner should invest in these trackers, I could have lost much more on that day. I am not not sure I could have survived loosing my girls!!!

Shannon L., Tagg user

This is one of the best products that I have ever used. I dont really have a story in which one of my pets was lost however the security in knowing that if something does happen, I will be able to find my family member is priceless. Well worth the cost of the unit. The website, services and support are amazing and easy to use, especially with the online help. Keep up the good work!

Donald M., Tagg user

I have had the Tag Tracker System for less than one week now since lossing one of my hounds for over a week. Both my hounds are working dogs for hunting as well as house hold family members. I am very impressed with the speed and accuracy of the system. I have been able to track my boys effieciantly and accuratly on three hunts over several miles this week since immplementing Tagg Tracker. At one point Cooter popped off his device in dense brush a half mile away an I was able to retrieve the device in less than a half hour. Dozer at one point slipped his collar and I was able to retrieve it with in the same time period at the same approximate distance. I am now going to be implementing the tagg guard for both hounds. In short your device has been a life and time saver beyond belief. Thank You, Devin P., Queensbury NY

Devin P., Tagg user

My basset is not a runner, nor does he ever try to leave the yard. So when his tracker was chewed by a foster dog, I was hesitant to replace it quickly. But I decided not to take chances and replaced it right away. I'm so glad I did! Just two days after having the replacement, a rabbit caught his attention and he ran away AFTER DARK! I never panicked. I grabbed my IPhone and was led to a small wooded area where he was curiously sniffing his surroundings. I never would have found him because it was so dark out and it was a great feeling never having that "panic moment" wondering if I'd find him. Finding him was easy! As a side note, I do LOVE the activity tracking too. It's interesting to see how active he is during the day even when I'm gone!

Marie W., Tagg user

I thought my dog was too good to have to be tracked. I was almost considering to put my TAGG in the drawer when one day I was working on my front yard like I always do with my dog unleashed like I always do. She's never given me a problem before. She usually just sits and watched me or roam around the yard. Well this day she snuck off around me and took off around the neighborhood. I noticed she was gone probably five minutes later and started calling her. I couldn't find her anywhere. I thought maybe someone brought her in. Nope then I pulled up the app and tracked her she was about a block and half away sped over there and picked her up. She looked so guilty!

Brandon G., Tagg user

This collar is worth its weight in gold. My little dog is a perfect homebody 98% of the time, but when she decides to go into adventure mode she simply doesn't come back home. I've had the collar for 3 months now and twice it has saved me hours of driving around the neighborhood trying to figure out where she went. Reasonably priced, reasonable service charge, the app is well designed, and it does exactly what it's supposed to. Impressive!

Thomas R., Tagg user

I live in Atco, NJ - adjoining 115,000 Acres of the Wharton State Forest. My 11-month old Black Lab Ninja loves to run and chase the neighbor's cats and other wildlife that may wander into her territory. One day she took off and was gone for hours. I drove around for an hour, knowing that she would not cross two major roads in the area because she is afraid of the traffic. However, there are racoons and bears in the area, and I don't think Ninja would hesitate to try to chase them. After driving around and finding that she had returned home (possibly after hearing my jeep start up), I decided to get her a GPS Tracker. Although the tracker won't keep her from chasing things in the forest, now, at least, I can find her if she gets into trouble, and instantly know if she strays outside her normal "digs". The TRAIL feature of the PC software (on the Web site) is useful because it shows me what areas she likes to "patrol", and how often and far she strays outside her normal "digs". We all love our pets (see: http://www.Net4TruthUSA.com/mansbestfriend.htm ), and sometimes they get "distracted" and don't come right away when they're called. Tagg Tracker gives me the peace of mind to know that I can find her with the App on my cell phone, and drive or walk to within yards of her position any time she wanders away. Tagg lets me know if she is responding to my whistles to "come home", and is a Godsend for any pet owner living in a rural area where a dog can wander for miles and miles in the woods where there are no houses or people to "find" a lost dog.

David T., Tagg user

I love my sweet Husky more than any dog I have ever had and she loves me. However she loves running away more and then she gets lost. Within a few weeks of getting the tracker for Christmas (because my family loves me and hated seeing me cry so much when Miki ran away) she took off when my husband was watching her (or not watching her). I got a message at my meeting and left immediately and went to where it told me she was. I drove up, she jumped in the car. No tears at all. Love it and tell everyone about it.

Paulette J., Tagg user
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